Online shops and web stores can benefit from SEO.
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SEO is one of the frustrating parts of operating an online business. You can read up on the essential SEO tips, and those are more than likely going to give you an ambitious advantage over other companies that also do marketing and advertising.

Your initial marketing and advertising step with an online store should be to focus on the basics of SEO. That involves image alt tags, keyword use, blogging, and full product optimization. This way, you can at least get on a related playing field as the competition.

But what about going above and beyond? Are there any unique SEO tips you can follow to strengthen your online business?

SEO marketing and advertising can greatly benefit ecommerce businesses.

Do Not Hold Back with Your Product Descriptions

The primary rule is to skip everything given to you from the manufacturer. One of the mistakes you can do is to go with monotonous manufacturer information. Not only are these going to create duplicate content online (bad for SEO,) but they regularly have typos, and they lack any creativity that supports your name stand out.

Your best bet is to concentrate on visual and written storytelling, create a voice for your company as that will significantly enhance your marketing and advertising efforts.

Think Outside the Box about Product Reviews

One thing is for sure; product reviews are a must when it comes to eCommerce SEO. Not only are they going to boost ratings on the search returns, but your clients can visit your site and check those products that are most viewed.

It’s necessary to ensure that your product reviews are being filled in, so I would suggest a tool like Yotpo that sends emails asking for clients to make reviews on items they’ve acquired. Otherwise, you have a lot of products without reviews.

Another way is a bit more unique. It requires a Shopify app called Antenna, where the ratings are made based on customizable words and phrases, enabling customers to see how the product stacks up where it matters most.

For example, a pair of footwear might have a phrase like “Perfect size.” So when many people write a review that it’s a perfect size, this will be on the top of the list to obtain things easier. Overall, the reports and ratings are more functional. If a customer sees that several people said the shoes were slightly large, they could order a smaller size.

Make Impressive Category Pages

Category pages might be one of the most reliable ways to stand out in terms of SEO marketing and advertising. The goal is to link your category pages from the homepage, significantly suggesting a narrowed search for your clients from the start.

Categories might include:

  • Gifts
  • Holiday favorites
  • For running
  • Sales
  • Men’s
  • Women’s
  • Children’s

It depends on your niche, but the section pages can have storytelling, listings of products, and all sorts of data to guide user response.

Spread Coupon Love

If you have a coupon in play, post it on every reputable coupon website. This gets the information about your coupons, and you get some links back to your website. Not only that, but the tickets usually linger on those websites even after they expire.

Coupons can give your SEO marketing and advertising efforts a boost.

Consider Videos With Products in Action

Videos are not just delivered in Google searches; you can post them on places like YouTube to get even greater links back to your e-commerce sites as well.

What is more, is that a video is seen as another way to create the user experience more pleasant. Customers like shopping online, and a video transforms it into more of a brick and mortar encounter.

For example, a shoe company could create videos of the shoes being worn by runners. This method of marketing and advertising helps the clients see that these shoes can run in wet and dry climates and on more uneven paths. This helps distinguish from other more casual running shoes, and you would not wear them to weddings or other formal events.